August 08, 2007

Bay Ridge Tornado - Two

Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church, with the entire front window blown out by the winds. This church is less than a block from my house.

These photos, and many other images from Bay Ridge and elsewhere from AM New York (thanks, Judy)

Quoted in Newsday, pastor David Aja-Sigmon said "Never would I imagine there would be a tornado," as he swept up the remnants of the stained glass window. "I thought I left that back in the Midwest."

Houses on Bay Ridge Avenue (a/k/a 69th Street) , between Third and Fourth Avenues, with extensive damage to the roof and facades. These buildings are on the other side of the city block from where I live.

The tornado apparently touched down right around here, then moved east/northeast across 68th Street , then across Fourth Avenue, in the direction of Sunset Park. It did not miss my house (on 68th Street, near Fourth Avenue ) by very much, but it did miss it. Thanks to Kenny and to Kirk and to the next door neighbors for confirming that little fact for me. I can breathe again now. If there had been damage, I was all set to cut the vacation short and fly back from China.

More coverage, and scary photos here, from btsnews.


William Cooper said...

Phantom, I hope everything is ok and everyone you know. I had a Tornado hit my house in New Jersey and it is a very un-nerving experience. Bay Ridge is my favorite neighborhood in America and I have family and friends there. Your blog is a great service! Thanks for the update from overseas

William Cooper said...

Here is a great wikipedia article on the Tornado

I covered this on the LA.Scene too!

Right in Bay Ridge said...

For some hometown coverage about the fate of all that wood, see:

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, I live upsate new york now but I was raised on 69th between 3rd and 4th avenue, I see the house my parents owned will be torn down as it was condemmed due to this storm , please let me know about 327 69 th street
thank you for your blog

Antonio from Italy said...

I saw the scenes on my tv yesterday and the day before and I thought of you.
Scaring indeed!
Crashed trees, damaged house and cars, water everywhere and no power...
The weather is really crazy around the world!

The Phantom said...


See my post of today

I think 327 Bay Ridge Avenue is OK

329 is not so good.

Brooklyn Row House said...

Here's some add'l coverage. I'm on Senator Street: