August 22, 2007

Thriftee's : Going, Going....

This photo was taken on Monday. Which probably means that that it closes this coming weekend. So if you want a hairbrush for 59 cents or a similar bargain, you'd better get over there! After you emerge with your trinkets, you can stop across the street at Killarney Pub for a fine pint of Guinness. Or three.


M. Patrizio said...

It makes me sad to see all the small businesses going out of business :(

Anonymous said...

Sad, but that store was a rat's nest. Probably be replaced by another hookah bar or five.

Bay Ridge Grinch

The Phantom said...

It was a rats nest.

It was way way too downscale, with many stores that sold the same cheap outdated garbage that they did.

If they had gone just a teensy bit upscale on the quality, they'd be around for another 62 years.

You can say that Thriftees committed suicide.

Anonymous said...

I worked there. And seeing that you had a photo of it with the last 6 days sign on the window feels very nostalgic for me. Yes, it was a rat's nest.

It was very dirty. Technically, there wasn't any rats, but we did have mice and lots of bugs. The basement was filthy.

Within all of the workers in the store, we all agreed that our boss was socially inept and was out-of-date with what was going on with the current world. He was still stuck 62 years behind in the past.

However, since I worked there for and a half years, and was my first job ever (even though it was off the books), I do miss it. I still remember where everything was on the floor and in the basement.