August 16, 2007

Video of 68th Street near Fourth Avenue

Youtube video of 68th Street, near Fourth Avenue, taken on August 8, the day the tornado hit. Thanks, alecandy


Anonymous said...

Being that you weren't there, youtube is just the coolest thing, so you can see what happened. Wow. Thank God your home was okay.

The Phantom said...

Yes! youtube is the best, in so many ways, including local stories like this.

I had to fix a few cracked panes in my skylight, but that was all.

The one good thing about the people down the block is that a lot of work is being done, and that they may be able to move back in "only" four months if all goes right, rather than six months or more.

Unknown said...

Thanks for showing my apartment building at 315 Bay Ridge Avenue. Been away from home for thirty years. Good to see the old place is still standing.

Anonymous said...

Hey I know this has nothing to do with the tornado that blew my a/c and windows in but anyone have any news on whats going to take place of the Duane Reede? Anyone with news please contact me @
I did hear it's going to be another supermarket; I sure do hope so

The Phantom said...

No verifiable news. But have heard it will be another damned discount store.