September 08, 2008

World Trade Centre - Lobby

World Trade Centre - Lobby, originally uploaded by ~It's_me!.

I flew to Dublin Friday night. Had a cocktail with Doyle at O'Donahue's on Saturday, and dinnner with Mark, Una and the kids on Sunday.

Today, it was working the computer at the Mont Clare Hotel, waiting for the client to arrive tomorrow in the middle of a major rainstorm.

Always a pleasure to visit Dublin, one of the more comfortable and lovely large cities on earth.

Tonight, on RTE TV, there is a documentary about 9/11. Seven years it soon will be. Seven years is it?


Mark said...

Have a pint for me.

Eagle said...

Did I miss you? Would like to have met you for a pint.

The Phantom said...


Fraid so! Sometime later in NY or Dublin I hope.

I did meet Julius Geezer for a few pints at the Long Hall on South Great George's Street.