January 13, 2009

" Bay Ridge " Book to be released January 19, 2009

The old Bay Ridge Theater( the book says the late 1960s, but I suspect its a bit later) before the marquee came down. Click to enlarge. Note Ro Val car service vehicle in foreground.

I've spent the last few days reviewing a copy of Bay Ridge, a 96 page quality paperback that will be available on January 19.

Most pages have two photos - one of a Bay Ridge scene from the past, the second a current or near-current image.

The contrasts in some cases are wonderful.

Some of my favorites include-
  • an image from 1894 showing a rural 76th Street with houses with turrets, then called "witches hats", and another showing that house today
  • a shot at Bay Ridge Avenue (69th Street ) and Fourth Avenue in 1913 showing construction machinery for the construction of the Fourth Avenue Local and Bay Ridge High School under construction in the background ( the block I type this from is visible, and is largely an empty lot here)
  • a photo taken of Marion Sinnott as a baby on 77th Street in 1932. A photo taken by Marion Sinnott after a big snowstorm from the same buiding in 1947. And a third photo of Marion Sinnott -today! She still lives there!
The book is filled with little treasures like this. I've picked it up a number of times, only to discuss wonderful new details and points of history.

Bay Ridge, one of Arcadia Publishing's " Then and Now " series, is written by Peter Scarpa and Lawrence Stetler along with the Bay Ridge Historical Society. Mr. Scarpa is the president of the Bay Ridge Historical Society. This is his second title on Bay Ridge, his personal gift to the neighborhood.

The authors will be at a book signing at Barnes & Noble, 106 Court Street, Brooklyn, at 7pm on Monday January 19 ( Take R train to Borough Hall or take the Third Avenue ( B37 ) bus to Court and Livingston Streets. )

Unfortunately, Bay Ridge does not now have a book store in which a book signing could be held.

Bay Ridge is available at area bookstores, independent retailers, online bookstores or direct from Arcardia Publishing.

This building as it stood on the Northwest Corner of Bay Ridge Avenue (69th Street) and Third Avenue in 1891 when ( one of the streets ) was known as Bennett's Lane and " Yellow Hook Road " and when the intersection was known as " Pope's Corner". Bay Ridge Family Eyecare shop there now.

Photos printed with permission from Bay Ridge, by Peter Scarpa, Lawrence Stelter and the Bay Ridge Historical Society. Available from the publisher online at www.arcadiapublishing.com or by calling 888-313-2665.

Will post more images from this fine little book tomorrow.

See article on the book and more images from it on Left in Bay Ridge

An Our Lady of Angels blog has been created by concerned Bay Ridge residents who want to help save the school. I support this move, and have linked to that site.


Rob K said...

Great photo. And I think you're right--it seems a bit later than the late 1960's.

There used to be a karate school on the second floor of that building. I took classes there many, many years ago. Now it's the New York Sports Club.

The Phantom said...

And I will be going to that NY Sports Club branch in about ten minutes! Its good.

Rob K said...

You're making me feel guilty. I'll go tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

That was the very same car I got held up in!!!!!

The Phantom said...


You go to NYSC? Which one?

I was afraid that the Third Avenue location would lose members when the 86th St branch opened. But that has definitely opened - Third Ave is has definitely gained members over the past two years.

Today, it was really packed. All those New Years resolution people.

Mark said...


When did you take the snowstorm photo?

The Phantom said...

Believe it was two years ago. Just experimenting here.

Rob K said...

Phantom--I usually go to the NYSC on 71st. Since I work in lower Manhattan, I go to the clubs on Wall Street or City Hall during the week.

I also hit the Park Slope gym on Sundays when I can for the boxing class.

And you're so right about those New Year's resolution people. Give it a few more weeks and the herd should thin out.

Everybali said...

Sounds pretty good, and a wonderful picture you got there The Phantom :)