January 03, 2009

Brad Paisley: You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive

Where the sun comes up about ten in the morning
And the sun goes down about three in the day
And you fill your cup with whatever bitter brew you're drinking
And you spend your life just thinkin' of how to get away

I heard this song for the first time the other day. I've been playing it a lot since then, this fine version by Brad Paisley, and another by Patty Loveless

There's another good version by Kathy Mattea, who like Paisley, is a West Virginian. Patty Loveless is from Kentucky, the daughter and granddaughter of coal miners.

These words are based on actual events, and on the strong mountain folk who survived them.


The Gyro restaurant at 68th and Fourth has not opened for the past four or five days and may have closed. The general consensus is that the food sucked, which would be consistent with my experience. They had a lot of customers who went there once, but not twice.


Apple Express car service has merged with Dyker Car Service, and now operates out of 94th and Third. If you call the old Apple Express number, (718) 836-8200, they'll pick it up at the 94th Street location. The 69th Street storefront has closed.


Hope Bay Ridge Rover is OK. His last post was November 19. People can and do get sick of blogging, or they get writers block, or they just get very busy, and as a result, many of them just disappear suddenly, never to return. I hope that doesn't happen with the Rover. He's a good voice, and having him post once every two weeks is better than having most bloggers every day. Happy New Year Rover.


Welcome new additions to the blogroll


I started the New Year with a cheese omelette at Anopoli, at 6920 Third Avenue, next to Grandma's Pizzeria. The omelette was excellent, and the service was good.

Anopoli ( 718-748-3863 ) is a Greek diner situated in what had been an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, perhaps dating back to the 1950s or before. The fixtures there have been faithfully preserved, stools at the counter, and booths off to the side. And good honest food in front of every diner. They deliver, too.


Anonymous said...

I love the hardhats. I miss Rover too.

Brooklyn Row House said...

My new favorite gyro is from Spartan restaurant at 6820 8th Ave.

(718) 748-5838 (delivery by car)

It's the largest, messiest gyro I've ever had but also one of the best. Ask for the "works" with Greek fries.

The Phantom said...


I'm not often up by 8th Avenue, but may have to make a special excursion for this one.

WIBR said...

Thanks for the link, Phantom. I like the shot from 199 Water -- I had associates who were in that building for a time.

Anonymous said...

I believe Anapoli was a place called Logue's before it's current use. It was owned by a member of the family that owns Hinsch's, but I think they just bought old fixtures, like when they owned Once Upon A Sundae on 78th St.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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