April 12, 2009

Philippe Petit High Wire Walk At World Trade Center

A short tribute film of Philippe Petit's walk between the Twin Towers on August 7, 1974.

An act of the greatest beauty and courage, which only becomes more great the more you think of it.

See Man on Wire to see how he did it.

An interesting 2006 article from the NY Times- A High-Wire Artist Touches Down

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alison said...

It beggars belief how someone can just y'know...walk out on a piece of wire that high up and not lose it totally. Yes there is skill involved. But as someone who is scared of heights and hated every second of being up those towers when I went in 93, and who had to helped back down (!) it just blows my mind that he was buggering about on that wire within minutes of stepping cautiously onto it. The police officer's face in the documentary was also priceless. It's become a strange almost mystical sort of tribute to the towers too.