April 04, 2009

Taliban Whips Girl in Pakistan, Gutless Men Look On ( disturbing )

Watch this. Watch every second of it.

This is a film ( from Britain's Guardian newspaper ) of the Taliban publicly whipping a young woman in the Swat Valley of Pakistan.

Her " crime " is not known. The NY Times says :

One account said she had stepped out of her house without being escorted by a male family member...Another account said a local Taliban commander had falsely accused the teenager of violating Islamic law after she refused to accept his marriage proposal.

Note the men standing around and observing this. You know that some of them oppose this, yet the gutless dogs stand in meek observance.

The Taliban is an oppressive force, internally and externally. Do not forget that it is they that gave Al Queda and Osama bin Laden shelter while he plotted the attacks on my buildings, my city and my country.

This video is being aired widely in Pakistan, and it has disturbed people there. I don't know what they're so damned surprised about. This is what the Taliban does.

Good luck to those who seek to destroy the Taliban.


Anonymous said...

How sad and disgusting. What an evil society. It amazes me how the liberals cannot make judgements on this type of mindset

Anonymous said...

That looks so fake. But if its true, there should be more of that around here for the femmanazi.

The Phantom said...

What would look real to you?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon.10:43, it does look fake.

The Phantom said...

The people in Pakistan don't think its fake. It has caused great concern over there.

JPentek said...

If it looks fake (comment below) it may be because it's so hard to imagine such brutality. But it happens. Even in America. This poor girl. And I'm sure they had the other kid whip her to "teach them both a lesson" for the "crime". My heart goes out to them both, I hope they have good lives.

Ken said...

The Taliban created a hell on earth in Afghanistan, and are committed to do the same in Pakistan. They must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Will this sort of thing be coming to Bay Ridge sometime soon? Whippings at 10AM, Beheadings at noon?