July 27, 2006

Death on the R Train ( updated )

At 7am this morning, there were lots of police at the Bay Ridge Avenue R station. Some poor soul was run over by the R train today. That's why there were big delays in Bay Ridge today. I was told this morning by transit employees at the station, and I overheard an NYPD detective saying that they "had to get him out of there"

Update: a transit employee told me that the man killed was walking on the train tracks. I will speculate that this may have been a homeless man going to or from a small emcampment that has always been there under or near the Bay Ridge Towers.


Anonymous said...

Jumped? Pushed?

The Phantom said...

Don't know.

Anonymous said...

How'd you find this out? I've been looking all morning for information on this.

Anonymous said...

Hi, wasn't this blog formerly called 'The View from 103' or something similar?

I just read your very interesting July 17 blog about Google and look forward to an update.


The Phantom said...


Yes, I had run two blogs, "View" which was my blatherings about politics etc and "Bay Ridge" was just comments about the neighborhood.

I do not write a lot, so I just decided to fold 103 into this one.

Google- I will update on that soon. This was a pet peeve, but there is a happy ending on the way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phantom. Very interested in hearing your story about Google. Own any of its stock, do you?

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear anything on the news was pretty odd I didn't.

In fact if it wasn't for Bayridgetalk.com I would have known nothing.

heres a link to my new article.


The Phantom said...

Own google stock?


Anonymous said...

the shuttle bus driver told us that somebody was hit by a train at bay ridge avenue