July 17, 2006

Getting Google Domain Name!

Back in 2001, I got a personal domain name from yahoo. This allowed me to have e-mail sent to me at my own personal name. Instead of having e-mail going to address@yahoo.com, I could have it sent to myfirstname@mylastname.com

But now I'm doing a little experiment. I'm switching my personal domain to google.

I'm doing this because I've made the decision to move my e-mail to google, and it makes a lot of sense to have the personal domain e-mail at the same place where the rest of the e-mail goes.

I'm moving away from yahoo for two reasons--one, I get the sense that they collect a great more personal data than does google. If you sign up for yahoo, they ask you for your date of birth. If you use " my yahoo" and list the stocks you own, they ask you how many shares of the stocks you have.

Well, google does not ask for this information.

Why does yahoo? To "customize advertising " according to your "needs". Well, I will take care of my own needs, and I don't want yahoo to have too much information on me.

I like google better because I think that they are less aggressive in tracking and mining personal information.

Plus, google sites look simpler. Cleaner. I like simplicity.

The google domain service is in beta, so don't go looking for it. They invited me, and I responded right away. I will tell you how it works out in the next few days.

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