July 20, 2006

Huge Branch Falls on 68th Street in Bay Ridge

A very large section of an old tree fell to the street in front of 374 68th Street in the heavy windstorm Tuesday night , July 18. It was a hell of a sight on Wednesday morning. I believe that noone was hurt-this could easily have killed someone.


Pentex said...

Holy crap! That is one big tree section...you are right, it could have killed someone. Thank God no-one was around. It's sad it fell, it was part of that street's history.

Antonio from Italy said...

Was this the only damage done by the windstorm?
Anyway it's a miracle nobody was there at the moment it fell!

The Phantom said...

This was the only damage in my area.

There was a lot of damage in the suburbs--many trees damaged, some electric wires damaged.

And sadly, two boys were killed in a lightning strike in New Jersey.