July 12, 2006

Russian Security Forces Whack Besayev

Shamil Besayev, one of the world's most vicious terrorists, has reportedly been killed by Russian Special Forces. This is very good news.

Besayev was a Chechen rebel "fighter" responsible for some of the worst atrocities in Chechnya and in Moscow. These attacks include the Beslan school siege, the blowing up of two civilian airliners by women suicide bombers, and the destruction of apartment houses in Moscow.

There were many other crimes that Besayev was responsbible for. But perhaps no terrorist action in history stays in the mind as does Beslan. This was an extended act of cruelty against very young children. Over 300 deaths resulted from this attack. This you do not forgive.

If the reports are true, the Russian Special Forces have killed that country's Bin Laden. And if that is so, Russian friends, I lift my glass to you. Congratulations.

Beslan School Number 1, originally uploaded by thebirdfam.

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