July 16, 2006

Lebanon Conflict : Brooklyn Lebanese Stranded

In better days

Today's NY Daily News reports that dozens of Arab- American families are now stranded in Lebanon. With the runways at Beirut Airport bombed by airstrikes, they may be stuck there for some time.

I support Israel in this conflict. The great Italian writer Oriana Fallaci spoke for me in 2002, when she wrote I Stand With The Jews...the world situation hasn't changed a lot since then.

But spare a thought for the Lebanese. There have been Lebanese in Bay Ridge since the year of the flood, and I've known lots of them. Most of them are warm and generous, a big asset to this neighborhood and to their adopted country.

I wish Israel well in its effort to root out the Hezbollah criminals who have brought war to two countries.

And to the many Brooklyn Lebanese who are stranded in Beirut and elsewhere, I wish them a safe return.

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