August 30, 2006

John Batchelor Show Cancelled

WABC radio is cancelling the John Batchelor Show.

It's hard to imagine them being so stupid. For starters, it has been the number one show in NYC during its time slot for some time now.

Second, its been the highest quality program on the entire station. Where as most of the other hosts are right-wing screamers, the Batchelor Show has been a nonpartisan show dealing with international and national news in great depth. I don't think that any single program, including anything on the BBC or PBS can touch it for quality.

The John Batchelor Show will be on through this Friday on WABC-77AM, 10pm-1am. Give him a listen when you get the chance.

Batchelor won't be gone for long. It's WABC's loss. To hell with them.


beakerkin said...

What a show, but Phil Boyce never seemed to promote it well. His heart seems to be into promoting Mark Levin who is sweeping the country.

The Phantom said...

Shame on WABC. Shame on ABC. I can never understand or forgive this action. I will go out of my way NOT to listen to WABC from now on.

Anonymous said...

The Batchelor show was the only reason I kept XM. I'll let my subscription run out. Batchelor insists that he is coming back, but his and other websites are more than quite. I think it's a lost cause. Too bad.

Unknown said...

John's show was the most important show on Radio.
Seems like Phil Boyce isn't this smart as people taught.
Who else will Phil Dump, because of he didn't met the ideal ratings phil wants?

The Phantom said...

--Who else will Phil Dump, because of he didn't met the ideal ratings phil wants? --

I thought that the show got very good ratings, esp in NYC.

All I know is that I used to listen to WABC every night, and that I now never listen to this Jerry Agar or whoever is there now

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they have not brought back Batchelor's show. They have Levin on during that time and it's terrible. I also used to listen to WABC either on XM or the internet almost every night to catch that show. Now I never listen. I would have liked to hear him during and after the elections. I'm sure it would have been a much more interesting discussion then anything else they have on the air, and that includes Limbaugh and Hannity. Hopefully he'll be back soon.