August 20, 2006

NY Times Discovers Bay Ridge Restaurants

This is news? Today's NY Times printed a restaurant article today stating that Bay Ridge's restaurants are "not just pizza"

I've been to Banana Leaf and Tomasso's and like them both. Will have to try Agnanti, Cebu Bar, and Tanorreen. Tanorreen especially intrigues me. The article mentions their hummus. Unlike most people I know, I absolutely love hummus and if their hummus is better than most, I may be there tomorrow.

But the NY Times think its a news story that Bay Ridge restaurants serve more than pizza? Even if said in jest, that's a bit of a joke. Bay Ridge has always been rich in restaurants. We do have great pizza here, but there's also: Northern Italian, Southern Italian, Spanish, Japanese, good steak houses, every type of Chinese,Mexican, Thai, German, a number of good Indian restaurants, a terrific Vietnamese pho place. And those are just the places that the Phantom has been to.

Thanks, NY Times for unearthing the fact that Bay Ridge restaurants are " not just pizza". What a scoop!

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