August 01, 2006

World Trade Center Movie

WTC, originally uploaded by cliorsfreak.

In about a month, it will have been five years since the attack on the World Trade Center.

One of the big topics among some of us is whether to see the movie "World Trade Center"
Some initially did not want to see it because director Oliver Stone has a track record of making movies based on odd conspiracy theories. But this is not a conspiracy movie. By all accounts, Stone has made an honest and realistic film here, based on the story of two Port Authority policemen-John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno--who survived despite the fact the the buildings fell all around them.

But the other reason why some won't see it is because they feel that, less than five years later, "it's too soon". Well, maybe it is, for a lot of us. A lot of people will never want to see any representation of such a horrible event. I understand.

But I'll see this movie this coming Saturday, at the Battery Park Cinema, a couple of blocks north of the World Trade Center. I must.

I'll comment on the film here by Sunday.

Between now and September 11, there will be several posts on the upcoming fifth anniversary of New York's darkest day.


Eagle said...

I've seen nothing about this movie over here (in Ireland). I guess I'll go see it. I wanted to see United 93, but it came and went so quickly here that I missed it.

The Phantom said...

I managed to miss that one, which pisses me off. But I will see it the minute I can on DVD. Everything I hear about it was positive.


I've debated, and I think (foolishly) I've decided to go see this. Not sure when, but very soon.