August 13, 2006

"World Trade Center" Movie

Yesterday, we went down to the Battery Park Stadium Theater, right outside Ground Zero, to see World Trade Center

How can you possibly make a movie about 9/11 and the World Trade Center? The subject is so immense, so awful. For some, it will always be "too soon". How do you begin to deal with it?

Oliver Stone deals it with here by sticking to the script, which deals almost exclusively with two Port Authority policemen and their ordeal that day. The larger context of the terrorist attacks is barely mentioned. There's no mention of any "JFK"-like conspiracy theories. Bush and Guiliani make brief appearances on tv here, and are treated respectfully, which probably nearly killed Oliver Stone.

The devil's in the details, and the opening details of this movie are terribly good. You see Officer Will Jimeno and Sgt. John McLoughlin waking up early very early in the morning. WINS news plays on the car radio telling about the NYC primary election. You see an achingly beautiful image of the Trade Center from up the Hudson River, on that beautiful day.

Nicolas Cage is Sgt. McLoughlin. He's perfect as the stoic, rarely smiling cop, doing his job. He's walking a beat in front of madhouse that is the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC, when he sees and hears American Airlines No. 11 screaming southbound towards One World Trade Center. Soon, he's with Jimeno and others in a bus heading downtown.

They approach a scene of floating office paper, of falling debris and of falling bodies. You don't see the bodies but you certainly hear their impact on the sidewalk.

McLoughlin asks for volunteers to enter the WTC to help in the evacuation, and Jimeno is one of them. They're in the "concourse" ( underground shopping-mall area ) when a terrible shaking begins. There's what I believe to be a very realistic few seconds when the men react in confusion, followed by McLoughlin yelling, terror in his voice to head for the elevator well, the "strongest point of the building". The seconds of the collapse are awful, the constant shifting of the debris afterward is almsot as bad.

Much of the movie is of McLoughlin and Jimeno speaking to one another in the hell of shifting metal, of nearby fires, of pistols belonging to dead police officers firing spontaneously due to the heat from those fires. They fight to stay sane, to stay

To me, apart from McLoughlin and Jimeno, the best character is Dave Karnes, played by Michael Shannon. Karnes is an ex-Marine --check that there are no ex-Marines-- he is a Marine no longer on active duty who, upon seeing the events of the day, puts on his old uniform, talks his way through the cordon, hooks up with another Marine, and begins a search for survivors, in the dark. And, Holy Mother of God--he actually finds McLoughlin and Jimeno. Jimeno had been banging a metal bar, and somehow Karnes heard it among all the other noises in that wilderness. And all of that is true..

Jimeno is afraid that Karnes will leave them, but Karnes says "We won't leave you. We're Marines".

Over a period of hours, the men are dug out of the still-shifting piles or metal and rock by highly skilled FDNY and other rescuers who, with complete disregard for their own safety, enter into the dangerous wreckage to rescue, first, Jimeno, then McLoughlin.

I've said nothing about the female leads. To me, the roles that they play are some of the movie's weakest points. There is an excessive wallowing in cutesy family scenes. Showing normal family life before the disaster and what the wives were going through after it was crucial to the story, but to me what we had here was excessive, clumsy and mawkish. It comes close to ruining the movie, but does not.

The movie ends with a cutesy "happy ending" scene. I wouldn't have done it that way, and would have ended it with McLoughlin being carried out of the pit of hell surrounded by dozens upon dozens of his brothers, from here and from all over America.

On balance, this was a very good movie. I'll see it again.

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Alan said...


Thanks for the review. My nephew is a fireman in Ozone Park. He was off duty that day, but like all the others, he went in that afternoon (and every day after that) to help with the search.

The Phantom said...


A tip of the hat to your nephew. God bless.

Pentex said...

Hey, it's your sister who saw the movie with you, along with my husband & teen daughter. First of all, I think your idea of seeing it a block or so from Ground Zero was a good one; it made it mean more to me & Katie; knowing that those two men were really so close, fighting to stay alive and like you say, sane. Like Helen says, the only thing that maybe was a mistake was the name of the film; it wasn't really a story focusing about the WTC or about the terrible 9/11 day as a whole, but more of a small but significant portion of that day. Maybe some people will shy from the movie, thinking it is one of carnage and they'll leave the theater an emotional mess, but in reality, you leave feeling pretty good that at least there were a few (very few) happy endings. I cannot think of a better title right now but maybe there is one out there. Do you agree?

To those I've seen on TV who review and think the movie was "boring", give me a break. This shows how sensationalistic the world has become, that we can't focus on the bravery of two men. The length is necessary as it shows how long these poor guys were there without a word from the world, how long their families worried.

I was in NYC and had all too clear of a view of the horrors of what happened, from 1 Penn Plaza on 55th floor facing south. All I kept thinking of while watching the movie was when I heard that first noise on 9/11/01 shortly before 9:00, this true life story was beginning. These poor men lay there pinned under huge blocks of concrete for so long, till many of us (especially WTC and lower Manhattan families) were home safe and with our families.

Bless these two families and of course, all those who have their own stories to tell, including you.

Amcd, thank God your nephew was off duty.

My two favorite lines:

* When the Marine suggested in the early hours after collaspe that the smoke was there (from God?) to protect and hide us from the sadness beneath.

* When Jimeno was rescued (by the way, this guy was awesome in "Crash") looked to the night sky and semi-frantically asked, "Where are the buildings? Where'd they go?" It shows how unaware they were of what was happening in their captivity below.

The Phantom said...

The movie does sag a bit in the middle. Five minutes of material could have been snipped out and nothing would have been lost.

I'm OK with the title. Maybe there could have been a better one, but there could also have been worse ones.. "Ground Zero Rescue" or whatever.