August 08, 2006

Lieberman Loses, and so does McKinney

It appears that incumbent Senator Joe Lieberman has lost the Democratic primary to challenger Ned Lamont. Congratulations to Lamont and to his supporters, who essentially took Joe out due to his support for the Iraq War. Enjoy the thrill of victory. It will last three months exactly.

As the great Yogi said, "it ain't over till its over". Joe Lieberman appears to have lost with a margin of 51-49 percent or close to it. He -will- run as an independent. He will win the General Election with a coaltion of pro-national security Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

I don't welcome Senator Lieberman's loss , but he'll be fine. Come November, he will be re-elected and more independent than ever.

The Phantom may even make his second-ever political contribution to this fine man.

Bye Bye

Cynthia McKinney, perhaps the most vile person in American political life, has apparently gone down to defeat in Georgia. Wonder if the DC Police will throw a going away party for her?

I will be on the road Wednesday through Friday. If you see someone in a Phantom uniform in Cincinnati or Cleveland, it just may be me. Maybe I will be able to post, maybe not.


Anonymous said...

oh man great shot, Liberman is one of the best men in politics. I am a little more to the right on all issues, but he is the best candidate out there in CT, and I hope he wins for the sake of all of us.

Anonymous said...

I was particularly impressed with her false eyelashes at her press conference. You don't typically see the size of lashes she was sporting outside the like likes of Jenna Jameson.

Rob K said...

Joe Lieberman is a rat and a traitor to the Democratic party.

He stumped for this sham of a war and now links anyone who voted for Ned Lamont with terrorists.

Hey, Joe, do us all a favor and drop dead. And take your buddy Karl Rove with you.