October 02, 2006

9/11 As Seen from Bay Ridge

Found some fascinating posts on Youtube recently.

They're raw, amateur, spontaneous recordings taken down by the Belt Parkway/Bike Path on September 11, 2001.

Spectators gather by the bike bath near the Belt Parkway on the September 11, after the Towers were hit

At the overpass over the Belt Parkway, an eyewitness speaks of seeing United Airlines 175 fly overhead, before it crashed into Two World Trade Center.

The South Tower ( Two WTC ) burns

From the overpass, you see large crowds on the 69th Street Pier, and in the distance you see the smoke from the Towers...and, thankfully obscured by the smoke, the second tower falls.

I think that we'll be learning new details on this for the rest of our lives.


citygirl said...

I lived 2 buildings from WTC on 9/11 and was there through it all. I always wonder what it was like in different neighborhoods and what other people's experiences were that day. I recently moved to Bay Ridge and while on the bicycle path I was wondering what it was like on 9/11 and now I have had the opportunity to see what it was like. Chilling. Also chilling was the fact that there were very few cars going towards Manhattan on the Belt. At first I thought the Belt was closed going into Manhattan but then a few cars appeared.

Thank you for posting this.

The Phantom said...


I worked in Two World Trade Center, 103rd Floor, but was out of town that day.

As you'll imagine, there were many connections between Bay Ridge and the Trade Center.

I remember overhearing a conversation in the bar now known as Henry Grattan's on Third Avenue in October 2001. One guy said that he was in the WTC for both the 1993 and 2001 attacks. That's not good.

Welcome to the neighborhood.