October 22, 2006

Baseball- Lucifer, Kenny Rogers and the Tigers

Methastophalies, originally uploaded by STUSEA.

Kenny Rogers' new partner?

I was away in Washington on Thursday night. After our business dinner was done with, I looked forward to watching the end of the Cardinals-Mets game at the hotel bar.

Only one problem- I stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
I left the dinner, only to see the the hotel bar did not have a TV. I went to my room, only to find that the fancy, flatscreen hard-to-use HDTV didn't have two channels--one being the DC Fox affiliate that was showing the game. I had to go on the Internet to watch a pitch-by-pitch display of the last 1 1/2 innings.

To lose on a called third strike with the bases loaded, winning run on first....couldn't be worse. Maybe the Mandarin Oriental Hotel did me a favor.

My man Irish Eagle said it best. His next day post said "Mets lose and are out. Nothing left now, but a long, dark winter." Thirteen words aren't a lot, but they said it all.


Tonight, Kenny Rogers has pitched eight shutout innings in a World Series game, for God's sake. This, the guy who melted in every big situation he faced in his New York career with both the Mets and the Yankees. Now, he looks like a young Ron Guidry out there. There is only one conclusion to be reached. Sometime this year, Kenny Rogers sold his soul to Lucifer. I may be somewhat lacking in proof, but there simply is no other explanation.


I didn't watch any of yesterday's game, but am watching tonights game.

Who am I rooting for? I only decided last night. It would have been the Cardinals, but for two reasons:
  • Albert Pujols' gratuitous insult against Tommy Glavine. After Glavine defeated the Cards in Game One, Pujols said that Glavine ""wasn't very good at all"
  • Cardinals' reliever Braden Looper led a mock chant of "Jose Jose Jose" in the Cards' clubhouse after Game 7 on Thursday. Apparently Jeff Weaver was in the chorus. [This mocked one of the Mets team chants]
So, since the Cardinals have no goddamned class, and the Leyland-led Tigers have lots of it, I hereby throw in my lot with the Detroit Tigers. Even if this means I am on the same side as Lucifer and Kenny Rogers.


Anonymous said...


I was living in Detroit the last time they beat St. Louis (yes, it was 1968, and yes, I am old). Sorry about the Mets, but I'm also (now) backing the Tigers.

Eagle said...

I'm rooting for Detroit too, for exactly the same reasons you mention.

Anonymous said...

I have to go for Detroit since St. Louis is next in line after the Yankees in total championships, and I can't forgive them for letting the Red Sox win a World Series.