January 01, 2009

East River View from 199 Water Street, Manhattan

( click and then hit "all sizes" to get a full screen image of this photo )

Looking onto the East River from 199 Water Street., December 31 2008 maybe 2pm.

in the left /bottom corner are the old fish market buildings.

There are very few cars on the FDR Drive, as many took this day off

Across the highway, the South Street Seaport, which is not in good financial shape.

Uprriver, first the Brooklyn Bridge, and then the Manhattan Bridge


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories Phantom. Spent a huge portion of my time in that area in December. I think the East River looks gorgeous in autumn.

Great camera btw. Bought one recently myself. Still prefer my Sony for more leisurely shots. My dad is a professional photographer. If you need any tips on that camera or photography, Ill be happy to help. Not on the net now except for photography really.

The Phantom said...


Appreciate the offer and will probably take you up on it.

I've always liked lower Manhattan and was never quite at home for the five plus years my company was in midtown after 9/11. Was so pleased to return, and then to have a similar river view to the one I had in the Trade Center.

The NY Times gave the camera a really good review so that made the decision for me. I like my Olympus Evolt SLR but you just can't take it everywhere. This little guy can go everywhere.


Rob K said...

Great shot, Phantom. I've got to get one of those cameras.