January 06, 2008

Girl at Gas Station Quiz

Watch closely. Did she do anything wrong?

German music provided at no additional charge.


Anonymous said...

static electricity charge, no?

The Phantom said...


Apparently you are not supposed to get in and then get out of a car while it is being refueled. I didn't know this, and some of the "car guys"
I showed this to could not tell me what she had done wrong.

Eagle said...

Wow - that's interesting.

Anonymous said...

it looks like she went into the car to get a cigarette and a light.

The Phantom said...

It could be that...or she could have opened some gum...I can't tell

If she lit a cigarette, that would not be the smartest thing anyone ever did

Anonymous said...

She was smoking. She is really luck that there was not a bigger fire.