January 13, 2008

Sunday Music: "Ma Belle Amie" by Tee Set

Just a lovely song, and now largely forgotten.

This song reached Number Five on the American charts in 1969. There were four current songs better than this? I do not think so.

(from wikipedia)
Tee Set was a pop rock band formed in 1966 in Delft, Holland. The group cut a single in 1969 entitled "Ma Belle Amie", which was a hit in their native country, selling over 100,000 copies.[1] The group released an album in the U.S. on Quality Records in 1970 entitled Ma Belle Amie, which hit #158 on the Billboard 200 chart[2] as the single took off in America, eventually reaching #5. A follow-up single, "If You Do Believe in Love", hit #81.[3] The group disbanded in 1971.


* Peter Tetteroo (vocals) (born 8 July 1947, in Delft, Holland died 9 September 2002)
* Dill Dennink (guitar, flute, banjo)
* Joop Bloom (drums)
* Franklin Madjid (bass guitar)
* Hans Van Eijck (keyboards)


The Phantom said...


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We just found and watched Tee Set's Ma Belle Amie last week on U tube - and now ITS GONE! (AS IT IS GONE ON YOUR SITE) WEIRD, EH? i LUV THAT SONG.

Anonymous said...

'Ma Belle Amie", this song is unforgetable for me. I live in Rio and once a I had a girlfriend I used to call her 'Ma Belle Amie", cause actually we apprecciated too much that song. Never knew the name of the band, Tee Set? I only knew they were Dutches, cause the French sounded good. Radios plaeyed a lot here. Brings some from Paul's 'Michelle'. Sweet as the sixties. Bela canção! Belle chanson!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, boys and girls, but this song really sucked in 1969 and it still sucks 40 years later.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, boys and girls, but this song really sucked in 1969 and it still sucks 40 years later.

Anonymous said...

Uhh, austexpilot1, unlike yourself I am a Man not a boy. I was 15 when this song hit the U.S. radio waves. At that time it was not a great song to me. But now that I have learned to appreciate music with my years of maturity this song is way better than some of the sh|t they churn out today. By the way there are several versions of the song on Utube, just go directly to their site.

The Man...

Anonymous said...

Yes, our grown, married son found Ma Belle Amie on UTube also. No matter what some people say here, this song, the artist singing- reflects the innocence, perhaps naive hopes and dreams of my generation, back then. Now, so many years later, we were stunned at the youth, energy and talent by this young man, gone now from the earth. We luv it!