January 30, 2008

Lowen's, Two Days Later

There is a memorial of flowers and candles in front of Lowen's tonight.

The store was open, so I went inside and bought a few things. Chose not to speak to the staff about Mr. Rossi's death--I don't know them personally, and they're surely getting enough questions right now.

Why was the place open so soon afterward? Well, their customers need their prescriptions filled. And it can be very good therapy to go to work. I'll encourage everyone reading this who lives nearby to stop in at Lowen's and buy a few things. It was and is a good neighborhood business.


A lot of speculation in the NY Daily News and in our very own Bay Ridge Rover that this may not have been a suicide after all. I don't go in for conspiracies much, but the more I think about this, the more plausible a mob/other hit sounds. A lot of people had an interest in Mr. Rossi not talking.


Anonymous said...

The question is, why was there 2 shots fired?

Anonymous said...

....and why not just use his pharmacological knowledge and overdose himself?

The Phantom said...

Yes, these are good questions, that have been raised by others, too.

An awful lot of people in the neighborhood and elsewhere are of the opinion that something does make sense here. That there is the real possibility that this was actually a Mob hit of some kind. This point of view is not conspiracy-mongering--it makes plenty of sense for plenty of reasons.

I'll want to what a police report says --incl was their gunpowder on his fingers?-- and also want to hear the conclusions of the autopsy report.

And I'd like to know who was seen in the store and more importantly in the upstairs office at anytime close to 7pm Monday.

I hope that there are security cameras in the area.

The Phantom said...

--that something does NOT make sense here!--

Anonymous said...

....and why not just use his pharmacological knowledge and overdose himself?

What a good point....Joan P. NJ

Anonymous said...

I also hear that there were 3 shell caseings found or a third bullit. Why the cotton in the ears?
So may questions and no answers.

Vox Populi said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your neighborhood friend.

Illegal steroids are a very big business where I'm living. One would assume judging by the hairy, acne, sweating greasiness of local law enforcement(with notable exceptions)

I wouldn't doubt they murdered him. I'm not a conspiracy freak but actual suicides are a rarity.

Again, sorry for your sadness.

The Phantom said...

I didn't know the man personally. I only knew him by sight from when I went there to buy...steroids!!

I had eye surgery two years ago, and went there to buy a weak steroid solution (eye drops)

I do not suspect the NYPD. I do suspect some other organizations.

Vox Populi said...

geez, stop calling me illiterate. You're mad because I called rudy what he is. But name calling is childish; just make your case.

Prior commment posted before I read that you continued to call me illiterate as you moved down the afghan thread.

It stands. Sorry for your sadness.
I don't understand why when you see things like that you can't put the WHOLE PICTURE together.

We should talk.

Vox Populi said...

oh good, you're here.

We have many of the NYPD in Tampa now. The ones here and the Tampa mob? One and the same. I've lived here all of my life almost. I know these fellas. They're all holding hands.


That's the big picture.
Take care. It is very suspicious.

Once you start seeing you don't stop seeing.

The Phantom said...

Nothing personal with the comment.

I felt very strongly about the Amero case, and still do. But it has less than nothing to do with Bush. It is caused by an incompetent prosecutor with no judgment whatever.

Why use two screen names? I think vox populi is the better one.

Anonymous said...

I like the other name better,

Anonymous said...

defintiely NOT a suicide. the police are covering this up for some self-serving reason..this is not an open and shit case as is being siggested. it needs to be investigated thoroughly!!!.