January 27, 2008

Sunday Music " Black Velvet Band " by the Dubliners

Lets go back in time to when Peggy O'Neill's bar in Bay Ridge was one of the more rocking traditional Irish bars in all of NYC. (*)

They had lots of traditional bands there in the 1980s and 90s, and the one song that was guaranteed to bring down the house -- Irish, Norwegians, and regular Americans-- was " The Black Velvet Band ".

I don't think that the Dubliners ever played there. But they would have felt right at home if they had.

(*) Before the kids messed with a sure fire moneymaking formula by turning it into a quasi disco or whatever they thought they were trying to do.


Anonymous said...

What about that song you would bang your wrist on the bar 3 times?

The Phantom said...

That would be "The Wild Rover"

If I get two requests, I will play that one today.

Unknown said...

Can you play "The Wild Rover"

Anonymous said...

How shocking about Lowen's John Rossi. I read a detailed account of it in the Bay Ridge Rover. What a loss to our little corner of the Ridge.

Eagle said...

Wasn't Luke Kelly barred from entering the country because he was an avowed Communist?

The Phantom said...


Wild Rover on deck for next weekend