January 11, 2008

Goose Gossage Does "Top Ten"on David Letterman

Goose won't have a career in standup, but he sure had a great career as a relief pitcher.

Only this week, I learned that Gossage never got along with manager Billy Martin.

When Gossage came to the Yankees in 1978, Martin ordered Gossage to hit Billy Sample of the Texas Rangers in the first spring training game. Gossage refused, and Martin always held that against him.

This incident tells me all I need to know about the difference between a genuine tough guy like Rich Gossage and a drunken sissy like Billy Martin.

Congratulations, Rich Gossage, Hall of Famer.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know the Martin thing either. Thought Goose would have been one of those Martin relished, but if he didn't its on Martin in my book.

The Phantom said...

It apparently was some twisted power thing. Martin wanted the players to show that they would follow any order he gave, no matter how sick.

Plus, he didn't like the idea of players being "forced" on him. Though I at the time felt really bad about Sparky Lyle being shunted aside, I think I could have lived with Goose Gossage being added to any team that I managed!