February 23, 2008

Construction at 68th Street and Fourth Avenue

You tell me if this is legal construction or not.

At the SW corner of 68th/Fourth Avenue, construction has been taking place over the past two weeks. You hear an awful lot of banging going on, much of it with the doors or newly-added roll gates closed.

There's no dumpster...the bricks and other debris are being removed by common truck. ( This one has signage for Desvignes Ent Moving 347-307-4536)

These photos were taken today at around 12 noon. Click on the photos to enlarge them.


Anonymous said...

looks like they are widening the gates. nothing unusual.

The Phantom said...

Yes, but a wall, which looks to be a weight bearing wall between the two buildings, looks to have been punched through.

Don't you need a permit for that?