February 17, 2008

Sunday Music: " The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"

Gordon Lightfoot had a major hit with this song in November 1974. It was years before I learned what it was really all about- the sinking of an immense iron ore carrier on Lake Superior, with the loss of all 29 lives.

Much interesting detail on the SS Edmund Fitzgerald can be found on Wikipedia.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Phan, I recall this song and always liked it. Good of u to remind us all of this tragedy.


Anonymous said...

The wreck was in 1975 and the song was first aired in 1976, the many men who lost thire lives on that day are still remembered in the hearts of their wives,sons and daughters.

Anonymous said...

I have been enthralled by the Edmund Fitzgerald for the past year, yet somehow didn't realize the 50th annniversary of the launch was here. I just returned from Whitefish Point and viewing the museum (http://blogs.pioneerlocal.com/religion). So sad to stand on the point and look out over the water knowing so many died in shipwrecks.