February 12, 2008

Obama "Yes We Can". But McCain Can Too!

I will not be voting for Senator Obama. But he may not be needing my vote. With today's primary victories in DC, Maryland and Virginia, I think that makes him ten victories without a loss since "Super Tuesday".

Hillary is staggering, desperately grabbing for the ropes, yelling to her cornerman "who is this guy"? . It should soon be over. Sometime next month, she'll be meeting Rudy for cocktails at the Heartbreak Hotel.

Here, the excellent Obama video by the Black Eyed Peas and friends. This ad cost Obama nada but is worth lots. You're not seeing free videos made for Hillary.

Obama absolutely has supporters in Bay Ridge. I've seen them handing out brochures on the Bay Ridge Avenue R train platform. And I've seen people wearing Obama buttons on the subways .

In an Obama-McCain race, which is what it clearly looks to be, the senator from Arizona gets my vote. But I am intrigued by Obama and by what he represents.

A former POW vs a black man from Illinois by way of Hawaii. We could have done worse.


A spy at Verizon tells me that they will (very) soon sign a contract to provide TV service in New York City. They also said that 80% of the city already has fiber optic wires nearby, which I don't believe for a second.


The snow was more than expected. Maybe four inches total, a heavy snow with an icy skim on top. Tomorrow, it all melts away.


Mark said...

From Rudy to being intrigued by Obama. Phantom, I'm proud of you.

The Phantom said...

If Obama picks Rudy as his running mate, I will vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Bay Ridge for McCain!!!!!

Bay Ridge for Ron Paul said...

Vote Ron Paul in 2008!!!

(By the way, Phantom, I'm still waiting for your response to my offer to join me for some pints and discuss the merits of Ron Paul.)

Anonymous said...

Why does he have to be the blackman from illinois?
So "We could have done worse?". SO the fact that Obama isn't a POW makes him a worse candidate? Not that it matters no one reads this petty blog anyway, keep reporting on the construction of 68th street, that's your best story yet.

The Phantom said...


Is there a thought in there someplace?