July 20, 2008

Sunday Music: Blotto " I Wanna Be A Lifeguard"

Blotto was maybe a one hit wonder, but this was really just a Northeast area hit. But what a cool song it was.

It was played on MTV on the first day of MTV. So you have to give them that.


I am happy that the 75th and Third Avenue Starbucks survived the bloodletting. That location does do well, and is an absolute asset to the neighborhood.


"On some nights, New York is as hot as Bangkok". That was the opening sentence of Saul Bellow's "The Victim". This is one of the many such nights, and not the worst of them by a long shot. Lets pray for a nice cold front.

I cannot possibly understand why people wish to move and/or retire to places like Florida and other furnace-like places. If I was to move anywhere, I think it would be north. Give me Nova Scotia over Florida any day. I like the cold weather and love it when it is cool. But hot and humid days have no redeeming qualities. They're tolerable when the odd gust of wind comes by. Otherwise, they're days to be endured, not enjoyed.

The phone rang at 7am, but no one was there. It rang again a half hour later, and noone was there. This wasn't a prank caller, it was an incompetent caller. Caller ID showed it was Con Ed. I called them and they said that they wanted to advise Bay Ridge customers to cut down on electricity use Not sure how one-ring phone calls with no message were supposed to convince people of that, but hey that's our Con Ed for you.


Rob K said...

Oh my God--I was just thinking about this song the other day! ("I'll make more moves than Allied Van Lines!"--I love that line.)

I remember when it came out and I thought about going to seem Blotto at the Ritz.

(I think that was the name of the place; it's gone now I'm sure.)

I didn't go to the concert. I think they had another song "She's Got a Big Boyfriend." It was pretty funny, too.

I got the full phone message from Con Ed on Sunday, which didn't help much.

I hate cold weather, but I do agree about the humidity.

I was in Miami years ago on a pay phone and during the brief time of the call I must have lost about 8 pounds just by standing in the sun. Not my idea of paradise.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phantom!

You have no contact page, so I'm going to chance it and give you my blog here. If you'd like to email me, contact David and he'll pass you through. I don't list mine either after the stalking nightmare I endured from typhoo.


here's a direct post of who you're talking to;


Dig around a little bit and you'll see where Alison's rage comes from - yep, we blog together!

Cheers Phantom!