July 27, 2008

Victoria Hofmo in the NY Times

Stolen from NY Times

Vickie Hofmo, local preservationist and activist is the subject of an article in the "City" section of today's NY Times.

I've known her for years, and was unaware that she has founded a museum, for Christ's sake. It's the Scandinavian East Coast Museum, which documents the long, rich history of the Vikings and Viqueens in Brooklyn and elsewhere on the US East Coast.

"There’s this thing in Scandinavian culture called janteloven. It means that you’re not better than anyone else. “We don’t brag. We’re humble. I think it’s part of the reason Scandinavians haven’t been documented so well. When I first started going around collecting things, people would say, “Is my stuff good enough?” I’m like, “All the stuff is a story, and of course your story is important.” I can toot their horn because I don’t have that same sense. I think it’s O.K. to be proud."

Hey, Vickie, good job. We're proud, too.


The Green Hornet said...

Who is this Victoria Hofmo and what does she do? Does anyone know her?

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of her, but I am not a fan of the NY Times anyway.

But in any case, she has done a very good thing, that we don't hear enough about these days.

Anonymous said...

Phanny ;)

They've made arrests in the Paul Quinn murder, 3 in the ROI and 3 in NI.
Joint operation, dawn raids


The Phantom said...


Thank you. That may be wonderful news. I was beginning to think that this case would never be cracked and that justice would never be done

Lets see what this means...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Paul Quinn and was he married to Victoria Hofmo(if she was ever married)

The Green Hornet said...

I'd marry Hofmo, if she not already married!!!!