July 06, 2008

Sunday Music:: "Downtown", by Petula Clark

This song brought to you by the R train. Connecting Bay Ridge with "downtown" since 1916.


Daphne said...

I love that song

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Petula Clark? Was she a one hit wonder?

The Phantom said...

No, she had other hits. See below from her greatest hits album. A Sign of the Times and Don't Sleep on the Subway were big hits I believe.

1. Downtown
2. A Sign Of The Times
3. Don't Sleep In The Subway
4. Let It Be Me
5. Colour My World
6. This Girl's In Love With You
7. Kiss Me Goodbye
8. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
9. I Know A Place
10. The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener
11. Who Am I
12. My Love
13. Happy Heart
14. You'd Better Come Home
15. This Is My Song
16. Round Every Corner