July 26, 2008

WTC: " Man on a Wire " Trailer

On August 4, 1974, Philippe Petit walked on a high wire strung between the towers of the World Trade Center. It was an act of such genius and beauty that words will never describe it.

Now, there is Man on A Wire a documentary about the crime of the century.

"Man on Wire has won the prestigious Special Jury Award and Audience Award at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival[4], the International Audience Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Standard Life Audience Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival[5]. The film has also won the Jury Prize and Audience Award in the World Cinema: Documentary competition at the Sundance Film Festival. To date, Man on Wire is only the 6th film ever in the history of Sundance to pick up both top awards and the first from outside the US" ( from Wikipedia )

Its showing in Manhattan and in some other places, and I intend to see it very soon. I've thought about this incident so often over the past seven years, wondering why noone made a movie of it. Now, someone has.


Anonymous said...

How come he NEVER walked across the Bay Ridge Towers?

Gotham City Insider said...

I think there's a waiting list for that, too.

The Green Hornet said...

There's a list?

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, watching that small clip made me laugh and cry.

I want to see the movie.

The Phantom said...

Me too.