April 25, 2009

Nationals - Mets, April 24, 2009: K-Rod Gives Up A Hit

Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez ( K-Rod ) pitches against Washington right fielder Kearns in the ninth inning last night, and gives up a ground ball single just left of second.

The new Mets stadium is gorgeous.

One complaint- the food is not nearly as good as they've been saying. I had an Italian sausage that had clearly been sitting around for a while. And customer services is surprisingly slow.

Had a short conversation with one of the staff, who used to work at Shea. He said that he much preferred Shea to the new place, which he referred to as a " theme park ". Said that Shea attracted real fans, while the new place attracted those who " don't care about the game ".

The new Shea is a nice theme park, though. Even if the food service is slow.


Bag policy far more liberal than that of Yankee Stadium. The Yankees won't let you bring in any backpacks. The Mets will allow you to bring in normal size backpacks, but of course will search them.

Parking lot very congested. Don't drive, or if you do, don't park in the stadium lots. Subway or LIRR a much better bet.


Anonymous said...

I attended the 4/26/09 game against the Nationals. I must say that while the game itself was a disaster, the lines for the concession stands moved very fast and the the bathrooms are plentiful and clean. There is also a large picnic area located behind homeplate in the promenade that was very impressive as well. I definintely plan to be back to Citifield!

Anonymous said...

Bring back the old Shea!!!!!!!!