November 20, 2006

Ed Kranepool Back In the Majors!

Actually, we speak of the Eddie Kranepool Society, a New York Mets fan blog that has been of major league quality for some time. I've just blogrolled it.

It will share space with Brooklyn Met Fan. Together, they're the Mantle and Maris of NY Mets blogs.

Ed Kranepool was a native New Yorker who joined the Mets in their first season. He was a member of the 1969 Miracle Mets team.

Always, always baseball has produced more literature that any other American sport. Its not even close. Baseball has a far longer history, more calls on our national memory. And there is something about this sport that causes you to reflect, to discuss, to remember. Sitting in the stands, you have the illusion that you could manage a major league team, or even hit a major league pitch. They're only illusions, but they're illusions you always treasure.

Welcome, Eddie Kranepool Society. Blogmaster Stephen Keane is a former Bay Ridge resident ( 72nd and Fifth ) taken away to Staten Island "against [his] will"! Steve, welcome back to virtual Bay Ridge!

BTW, where are the good Yankee blogs?


Eagle said...

No doubt about it, the Kranepool Society is the best Mets blog. Spot on analysis and great humor as well. It can't be beaten.

The Phantom said...

So what's your favorite Yankee blog?

Eagle said...

I don't like the Yankees (hate them, really) so I don't bother with the Yankee blogs. I get enough of the Yankees from the News & Post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys I really appreciate it