November 13, 2006

Rudy Giuliani For President

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  • Today, it's reported that Rudy Giuliani has taken first steps towards running for President in 2008. I want him to run and I want him to win.

    Rudy has a record of accomplishment that no other candidate can match.

    As mayor of New York City, it was under his watch that Compstat was implemented, Bill Bratton was hired, and the NYPD given the resources they needed. He said he'd reduce crime and by God did he--his mayoralty saw historic reductions in all categories of crime. And the improvements continued during the mayoralty of Mike Bloomberg, who continued Rudy's policies.

    Let's get very local. Let's go to the NYPD website. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and hit 68th Precinct, which serves Bay Ridge. Then hit "Precinct Crime Statistics".

    If you compare "Crime Complaints" Year to Date 2006 and compare them to Year to Date in 1993 (early in Giuliani's term) you'll see

Murder is down 75%
Rape is down 71.4%
Robbery is down 78%
Felonious Assault is down 54.8%
Burglary is down 68.3%
Grand Larceny is down 5.6% and
Grand Larceny Auto (Auto Theft) is down 86.7%

And that's just Bay Ridge, which did not have a bad crime problem to begin with. Similar improvements have happened all over the city. Hundreds of people are alive today because of the changes that he implemented.

The other thing most of us remember Rudy for is his leadership of a deeply wounded New York City after the September 11 attacks. Unlike the crime drop, this can't be quantified. Crimefighting showed Rudy's tough side, but on September 11 and afterward we saw a toughness coupled with a real gentleness. He said that he didn't expect attacks against the city's large Arab minority because "he knew New Yorkers would never do anything like that".

He became the face of a defiant and very proud city. Most of the credit for New York's survival and recovery rightfully go to its citizens, but the fact is that we had a strong, tireless leader during terrible days.

Rudy's not perfect. But he's by far the best potential candidate out there. And unlike the current President, Rudy can actually speak.

Giuliani's leadership places him in a position that is most unusual- he is beloved by many Democrats and liberals, as well as Republicans and conservatives. The normal labels don't apply. If nominated, he carries 45 states. You heard it here.

Run, Rudy, run!


Anonymous said...

Come on over to ATW and join the Rudy for Prez discussion.

Anonymous said...

I saw him a few weeks ago, when he came to Greenville, South Carolina, to speak on behalf of the Republican Party. He's a smart gentleman. I'd vote for him. :)

Marc1A said...

He'll never get your party's nomination. He's not conservative enough. You guys just lost big time and the reason according to many in your party was that Republicans have not been conservative enough. He may seem interesting now but when or if he's a serious candidate and he has to start answering questions in places like Iowa, they'll inevitably start leaning to somebody like McCain. He could run as an independent but then he'll just split the vote with the Rep. nominee and give a victory to the Dems. His best hope is a VP nod.