November 07, 2006

Hello from London

But I won't be here for long. I write this from Gatwick Airport, where in an hour, I will be on my way back to New York.

This has been too short a visit, but that's how business trips are. Other than a pleasant, itself too short visit to Galen,Kerry and the wee fel down in Sevenoaks, its been business the entire time.

People tend to say think that courtesy is a thing of the past here. But I disagree. Twice, saw people get up for pensioners on the Tube. And heard a few more pleases and thank yous than I tend to hear in New York, itself not as impolite as it is often given credit for.

Security line at Gatwick much longer than I've encountered in the States--a good 45 minutes. As is he case in America, lots of people do not clearly understand what liquids can be carried aboard.

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