March 11, 2008

Elliott Spitzer Inspires new Hit Song: "Love Client No. 9"

You know, I've been a little rough on our fine governor. He's been such a Caped Crusader going after the bad guys and everything. He's cleaner than every persecutor that ever lived.

So in his honor, I play a song that must be a tribute of some kind. We'll play a new tribute to Elliott Spitzer every day until he resigns. Could be a short series, as he may resign tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

On a non-scandal note, what do you think of the TriboroRX plan?

The Phantom said...

I may write on that soon --had to look it up, as I didn't know the formal name.

I'm not sure that this plan has much merit, since I think that few people travel Brooklyn-Queens-Bronx....not sure what this accomplishes....