March 24, 2008

Three New Stores Near 68th and Fourth Avenue

All of a sudden, there is a lot more commercial activity near 68th Street and Fourth Avenue.

San Marcos Produce? This sign went up today, presumably the store will open soon.

Full Lee Gore Cafe, at 6816 Fourth Avenue, serves Chinese baked goods, as well as rice and noodle based dishes. Have not eaten there yet, but it looks bright and clean and is doing good business. Open from 7am until late. Eat in or take out.

Symphonia Restaurant serves up a mean gyro and has other Greek and American food. Comfy as an old shoe. At 68th Street and Fourth Avenue, open from 6am to 10pm or so. Eat in or take out.


Anonymous said...

The Gyro place used to be

Gyro Uno II

Mark said...


Do you know of any old-school bars or restaurants or places in Brooklyn associated with the Brooklyn Dodgers?

The Phantom said...

Oh, my....some years back, there was a popular place on Third off 75th Street (where Salty Dog now is ) called the "Brooklyn Dodger"

They had a satellite location on Coney Island Avenue I think.

Very successful during the 1980s, then they messed with the formula and that was that.

Do not know of any current bars/restuarants, but will ask around.

For the very dedicated fan, you can go to Ebbets Field Apts, where the ballpark once was, and another place, on Third Avenue in the 20s? where they once played BEFORE Ebbets Field. An original wall still stands from that facility. Will research later.

The Phantom said...

this is the older place where they used to play. The Third Avenue bus will take you right there.

Mark said...

You're the best! That wall on 3rd is fantastic! Thanks.

The Phantom said...

About the Brooklyn Dodger bar, back in 1993. It was a good place while it lasted.

The Phantom said...

and this

Think that's it.

Anonymous said...

Phantom, after the very long wait for Symphonia to reopen, I finally went there last night and ordered two gyro plates to go. I couldn't have been more disappointed, the meat was dry, low grade, and didn't even seem that fresh. Even there rice could have been more tastier. The staff seemed friendly and when I called to complain, the manager was obliging enough to want to send another order, but as they say the damage was done. It was a plus to have a gyro place back by the subway, but I will not be going back there.

esheep123 said...

Actually, just ate there recently, and although at first the restaurant was "blah," now I see a really big improvement.

Give it another try!