March 07, 2008

R Train to Run to Manhattan 24 Hours A Day!

R Train, originally uploaded by sup michelle.

The fare may have gone up a few days ago, but if you live in Bay Ridge or nearby parts of Brooklyn, you're are about to have a major upgrade in late night subway service.

I can't find documentation at the moment, but I've read recently in a few places that the R train will soon begin running 24 hours from Bay Ridge to Manhattan...and that the N train will begin running express all night long.

Currently, the R train only runs from 95th Street to 36th Street from midnight to 5am...if you want to go to/from Manhattan, you have to change to/from the N or D train.

Now, it will be a lot easier to hang out in Manhattan late at night without the annoying and time-consuming connection.

If anyone has a link to this story, please send it. See you on the R train.


Anonymous said...

This will be the first time the R will be operating 24/7 to the city since the early '90s. Also this will be the first time in about 30-40 years that all 3 line (4 Ave Local, Sea Beach, West End) will hve 24/7 service between 36 Street and Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

They should be adding more rush hour trains into Brooklyn. I expect being packed into a 4 5 or 6 train in midtown. I shouldn't be waiting 10 to 15 minutes at 59th street only to barely get a spot to stand in.

The Phantom said...

anon 952

Good information. Does anyone know if the R/RR ran all the way into the city for most of its history? Is the shuttle the norm or the exception?

anon 1015

Yes, there should be more R trains in both the morning and evening rush.

Anyone who commutes, esp to downtown, will notice that the R (and especially the N and D ) are crowded, while the M, to/from lower Manhattan is fairly empty, even at the peak of rush hour.

And the M creates delays in the evening, as it often will pause at 36 Street, waiting for the D to pass, as they share the West End track.

The logical solution is to re-route the M train to 95th Street as a rush hour special. No more delays at 36 St and more frequent service to a line that needs it.

There used to be a "Chambers St. Special " from Bay Ridge that would fit the bill perfectly. I will write on this soon.

The only reason I think the MTA runs these empty M trains to Bay Parkway is because it makes it easier to bring the trains to the Coney Island yards. Doesn't serve the public's needs, but its easy for them. Typical.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of moving to Bay Ridge from Virginia. How long is the commute via train to Manhattan?