March 19, 2008

Gyro Alert : Symphonia Restaurant to Open Thursday, March 19

Symphonia Restaurant, a casual sit-down and take-out place ( which will have gyros! ) will open at 6am on Thursday, March 19.

Symphonia Restaurant is located on 6762 Fourth Avenue. Phone Number is 718-491-9200.


Mark said...

Oh yeah, baby. Thanks for the update.

The Phantom said...

Its open right now...saw it. There will be big gyro today.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is about time - Wow! I hope Symphonia turns out to be well worth the wait.

esheep123 said...

Symphonia Restaurant is an excellent place to eat and have a great time. The waitress was a little slow, but accomodating.

The chef was great. The burger was perfect, the pizza has a very distinct taste and the pasta dishes were excellent. But the gyros were phenomenal. He even gave us a discount, because we were such a large crowd.

I'm glad I went, and they also offer free delivery. Guess what I'm having tonight.