March 19, 2008

Riots in Llasa, Tibet

This is a youtube video of the riots in Llasa.

The city and country is closed to most of the foreign media now--and I imagine the Chinese government is exacting a terrible price for this.

The slow-motion genocide of the Tibetans that has been going on since the early 1950s has speeded up a bit.


Unknown said...

For sake of our economy & good life, let's not use those harsh words to China anymore. Instead, use only the softer tune such as 'restraint' or 'dialodue with that monster monk' from now on.

Lecture no more on Huma Rights, Democracy, Justice, Liberty, Freedom, etc., etc. Let's keep our market access, cheap labors & continued supply of super cheap goods. Let's salute in unity:


JG said...


This is one issue we completely agree on. World leaders need to stand up to Chinese tyranny. Gordon Brown is going to meet the Dalai Lama which is to be welcomed but already the event is being minimised by spin doctors. They won't be meeting in Downing St. or Westminster and the Chinese have been assured Mr. Brown is only meeting His Holiness as a spiritual leader.

A protest outside the Chinese embassy in Dublin the other day only attracted about 25 people. It shows a little people are engaged with the issue. Pity. The Tibetan people deserve better.

The Phantom said...


Its much the same here. Opinion would be pro-Tibet among those who have an opinion.

But many see this as something sad, very far away, in a world full of sad things, and that there is nothing that can be done.

Well, Tibet is seriously far away from anywhere, and the Chinese military and government do hold all the good cards.

but you never know. Maybe something can be done. Years ago, I would have never thought that the Baltic countries would be free--yet there they are.

I'm glad China got the Olympics. Maybe they can be used to help Tibet...and Darfur.

The Chinese government may wish they never got the games.

JG said...


I agree, anything can happen, let's hope something positive does happen in this case.

I'm glad China got the Olympics. Maybe they can be used to help Tibet...and Darfur.

Interesting angle.

They haven't kept their side of the deal - improving their awful HR record and increasing press freedoms etc. - so on one level I think they're laughing at the IOC for being so naive.

On the other hand if the Olympics enduces revolt in Tibet and other restive areas I'd see that as a very good thing.

You've got to really respect those who are protesting at the moment. One can be tortured and jailed for years for merely raising a Tibetan flag. These people are putting everything on the line, they are seriously brave people.