March 16, 2008

Antiwar Protests in Brooklyn ! and other nuggets

Well, I won't be at these events, as I believe in the mission in Iraq, but I hereby post the message as I was asked nicely to do so!!

To mark the disastrous effects of five years of war ­on this country, on Iraq, and specifically in our own neighborhoods, ­Brooklynites will hold several local actions and join a city-wide protest in Manhattan, as well as a national action in Washington, DC.

Brooklyn events
Two local actions will be held March 19, the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq:

Press Conference & Brooklyn Says No to War March and Vigil, co-sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace and MoveOn.
5:30 PM: press conference at Grand Army Plaza, with speakers from Brooklyn for Peace and MoveOn.
6:00: march down Flatbush Avenue to the military recruiting station at 41 Flatbush Ave. (Livingston St.).
7:00: brief program. Iraq war vets and members of military families will speak. The protest will close with a candlelight vigil.

Protest at Congressmember Vito Fossella’s office. At 12:00 noon, Peace Action Bay Ridge will sponsor a protest at Fossella’s Bay Ridge office (8505 4th Ave., at 85th St.) to express his constituents’ opposition to his position as the only Brooklyn Representative to support President Bush’s war policy. Representatives from military families, Brooklyn For Peace, Peace Action Bay Ridge, and Bay Ridge Interfaith Coalition will speak. ( you won't catch Fossella there. He'll be in Staten Island with his real buddies!)

For more info: or

  • Its official. A slice of pizza costs $2.25 in Bay Ridge now. Recently enjoyed slices at Elegante, Pizza Wagon, and Original (69th/Fourth). Don't know about Rocco's
  • The gyro / other restaurant will finally open this week at the corner of 68th and Fourth. I saw them scrubbing the joint and otherwise getting it ready. Opening day: Wednesday or Thursday. I love a good gyro and plan to be there, with camera on opening day, or really soon afterward
  • I've had a jihad with a recently opened Chinese restaurant/bakery this week, because of the noise pollution from its exhaust system. But I think there has been a happy ending. Stand by. I want to spend a little time on writing that one.
  • New York Sports Clubs at 7118 Third Avenue now has towel service! This may not be a big deal to you, but I assure you it is a big deal to me.
Now back to John Batchelor on the KFI internet stream. Over and out.


Erica said...
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The Phantom said...


You are far from the only one.

Iraq was a cancer in the most dangerous part of the world. Something had to be done, and sanctions were about to fall.

As bad as things have been over much of the past five years, they could well have been much worse with a Saddam govt, no sanctions, and $100 a barrel oil.

Iraq was not involved in 9/11, but the overall geopolitical issues of the Middle East were only going to get worse if nothing was done. And nothing was going to be done by Kofi Annan's UN.

It is a righteous, but hard, mission. Semper fi, darlin'. Stay in touch.

Mark said...

Phantom, let me know when opening day is going to be. I could go for a gyro.

I'm still amazed that people think Iraq attacked the WTC.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know you hate Spitzer, but in all fairness - do you think he was thrown under the bus this week because of what was about to happen on Wall Street with Bear Stearns?

JG said...

Yes, it's so disastrous not being attacked by madmen in jet airliners anymore

Good grief.

The Phantom said...


I do not think that there is any connection between Spitzer's resignation and the Bear Stearns matter.

Anonymous said...


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